Do you DevOps?
Kindly share few details about your current software development process & tools used. We will identify your DevOps Adoption Maturity road-map and help you benchmark , implement or optimize your DevOps strategy.
Coding, Design & Development

Tell us about your current development, coding practice & tools used
Do you have an overall architectural document available which is up-to-date and has design review mechanism?

Do you follow standard coding practices and coding procedures?

Do you have an automated code rejection mechanism for non-standard check-ins?

Do you use automated unit test frameworks and maintain UNIT Test Cases and Results?

Do you log and track defects identified by unit testing?

Defect Reporting & Management

Tell us about your defect tracking & quality checking process.
Are you using any defect tracking tool to log and report defects?

Is your defect management tool integrated with any test case management tool?

Do you have defined workflow for the defect life cycle?

Do you have a standard for defining the severity and priority of the defect?

Do you classify bugs against Architecture, design, functionality,  regression etc?

Do you generate defect reports based on status, ageing, by release etc?

Do you have an email notification mechanism in your defect tracking system?

Build & Configuration Management

Tell us about your current build process & configuration management tools used
Do you use a source control system like Git, Subversion, CVS etc?

Do you maintain branches specific to releases in your SCM system?

Is there a mechanism to achieve continuous integration between branches in your SCM system?

Is your SCM system integrated with your defect tracking system and configured to send alerts & notifications?

Do you have a mechanism to generate automated daily / nightly builds?

Do you have a automated mechanism to package releases for versions, service packs, patches and Hot Fixes?

Do you have a mechanism to archive / backup / rollback releases?

Software Testing & Release Management

Share a little about your current Quality,  Testing & release Management process
Do you have a test plan template and develop a test plan for every release?

Do you have repository for storing test documents, results and artifacts?

Do you have a tool based test case review mechanism?

Does your test case management tool have the provision to record results of test executions?

Is your test case management tool integrated with your defect management tool?

Do you refer the to unit test and integration test reports before conducting system testing?

Does your Automation tool integrate with test case management tool and defect tracking tool?

Infrastructure & software technology used

Share with us your current Infrastructure details, cloud, data center & software technology stack etc
Are you using virtualization environments like VMWare / Xen / KVM / HyperV / Cloud

Are you aware of Docker?

Are you using or have you used container technologies.

Do you use dynamic provisioning & auto scaling?

Do you follow a change management process (CAB approval)

Are you using Agile Development or ITIL based best practices?


Tell us how you have employed Monitoring currently
Do you perform system, application & network monitoring?

Have you templatized the roles of the servers and the monitoring type alerts?

Have you looped in Defect tracking with Monitoring systems?

Are all the alerts actionable?

Does the operation team own the responsibility of alerts?

Are monitoring enabled automatically with newly provisioned instances?

Configuration Management

Tell us little more about your Configuration Management process & tools
Do you have a configuration management database or CMDB?

Are all the software configurations managed in the CMDB ?

Are these documented and version controlled?

Do you have a configuration inventory view of all the environments?

Do you have separate configuration databases for different environments?

Are there configurations performed outside of the configuration management system?

Do you use any software tools to automate the configurations?

Excellent!,  we have all the datapoints to plot your assessment now.

Kindly provide your contact details  for us to reach out to you with assessment & further discussions
Your full name *

Share with us your full name for us to address you in follow up processes.
What are your highest priority at the moment?

Who is your current cloud provider?

Average number of servers / instance normally used

What is your current software technology stack?

What is your current monthly Infrastructure budget?

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